DEATHKEY (US) - Doctrine of Intolerant Hatred TSHIRT INTOLITARIAN (US) – Antifa Parasite TSHIRT A new batch of OFFICIAL DEATHKEY & INTOLITARIAN Tshirts are available for PRE-ORDER! These shirts will be PRE-ORDER ONLY, however many get pre-ordered are how many will be printed. This will be done to avoid excess stock of shirts being stuck … Continue reading DEATHKEY & INTOLITARIAN Tshirt PRE-ORDERS!


ARYAN BLOOD (Ger) - Through Struggle to Victory pro-tape OUT NOW! (11/25/2019) Legendary compilation from one of the most radical and mysterious Black Metal bands of all time now available on pro-tape for the first time. Over 40 minutes of classic material recorded between 1996-2003.   FORLORN WINDS (US) - HEL pro-tape OUT NOW! (11/25/2019) … Continue reading ARYAN BLOOD and FORLORN WINDS pro-tapes OUT NOW!

ABSURD – Facta Loquuntur pro-tape OUT NOW!

ABSURD (Ger) - Facta Loquuntur pro-tape OUT NOW! (10/22/2019) Vinlandic Werwolf is proud to announce this reissue of monumental Germanic Black Metal. Side A contains "Facta Loquuntur" in its entirety as it was originally released. Side B contains 11 bonus tracks, some of which are quite rare. (Track listing is identical to the Supreme Art … Continue reading ABSURD – Facta Loquuntur pro-tape OUT NOW!

OHTAR – Emptiness CD OUT NOW!

OHTAR (Pol) - Emptiness CD OUT NOW! (10/10/2019) (Co-released with Doomsday Elite and Lower Silesian Stronghold.) Brand new 2019 album of Polish Black Hateful Metal. Even more intolerant, negative and demented than the previous album "Euthanasia Of Existence"!