Vinlandic Werwolf pact with Die Welt Gehört Uns Records! (1/5/2020)


Vinlandic Werwolf has made a pact with our friends at Die Welt Gehört Uns Records! We will be handling distribution of all their future releases in Vinland.

Their first releases are:


Maléfice / Blutkult – split 12″ LP

(Listen to Blutkult’s side of the split:


Maléfice – Retour Au Monastère 12″ LP

(Listen to a song from this album:

If you are looking to buy these releases, you are encouraged to get in touch now. The vinyls are still being manufactured but will be done very soon, then Vinlandic Werwolf’s copies will be en route to us. You will not have to pay until the vinyls arrive here, but we are trying to maintain a basic idea of the demand for the releases here, so once again it is a wise idea to get in touch and state which vinyls you are interested in ASAP!

Simply state your interest in one or both releases in an email to the following address:

You can expect a similar routine going forward with Die Welt Gehört Uns Record’s future releases, too.