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Available VINLANDIC WERWOLF releases:

VWD 02: V/A – “Power Electronics Against Communism II” CD: $8.00 (Compilation of politically incorrect Power Electronics projects. Contributions from: Genocide Lolita, Plantation, Streicher, Straight Arm Salute, Blood Soil, and more…)

VWD 11: MALÉFICE / CELTIC DANCE (Fra/Por) – “Thulean Seekers” TAPE: $7.00 (Pro-tape edition of the split 10″ EP with bonus tracks from both bands.) 

VWD 12: DER STÜRMER (Gre) – “Bloodsworn II” TAPE: $8.66 (The Second Decade of the Heathen Terror Machine… Compilation of splits and EPs from 2008-2018.)

VWD 15: BILSKIRNIR (Ger) – “In Solitary Silence” TAPE: $8.00 (Pro-tape edition of the latest EP of pure Germanic Black Metal!)

VWD 16: WOLFSPIRIT (Ger/Pol) – “Marching towards the Abyss of Death” TAPE: $8.00 (Official pro-tape version of the EP. Side project of Widar from BILSKIRNIR, with vocals performed by Raborym from DARK FURY.)

VWD 17: LONE WOLF INSURGENT (US) – “Hunter” TAPE: $7.00 (No holds barred violent W.A.R. Power Electronics with each song following a real life theme.)

VWD 19: BERGHOF / ADLERHORST (US) – “Gebrauchsmusik” TAPE: $7.00 (Esoteric NS dungeon synth/ambient music split, very first release from ADLERHORST!)

VWD 20: PANTHEON (US) – “Vargrstrike” TAPE: $8.88 (Pro-tape edition of the 2nd full length (actually recorded before Krihapentswor). Heavily remastered with even some mixing work being done!)

VWD 22: PANTHEON (US) – “The Final Assault Vol. 2” TAPE: $9.00 (Includes tracks from: Lightning Thunder Propaganda, Pflichterfüllung, Ergriffenheit, Jarl Die Freiheit and the self titled 7″ EP. Limited to only 50 copies.)

VWD 24: SUPERNAL REFUSE (US) – “Inversion Protocol” TAPE: $8.00 (Debut demo of this horde from Vinland. Black Metal with riffs played with pride and elitism, accompanied by lyrics that are full of anti you-know-who themes.)

VWD 27: BLUTKULT / MALÉFICE (Ger/Fra) – “Der Geist der Vergangenheit” TAPE: $8.00 (Pro-tape version of this split album. Brand new minialbum from BLUTKULT on side A, and a professional live soundboard recording of MALÉFICE songs on side B!)

VWD 29: AYYADIEH (US) – “Oath of Allegiance” CD: $10.00 (Debut album of epic Anti-Islamic, Crusader themed Black Metal. Recommended for fans of old Godless North and the Polish scene.)

VWD 30: OHTAR (Pol) – “Emptiness” CD: $10.00 

VWD 30: OHTAR (Pol) – “Emptiness” TAPE: $6.66

(Brand new 2019 album of Polish Black Hateful Metal. Even more intolerant, negative and demented than the previous album!)

VWD 31: RECLUSE (US) – “The Black Famine” TAPE: $7.77 (Black Metal with aggressive yet somewhat melancholic riffs and brutal vocals vomited with contempt for human life. Side B contains an unreleased, much more powerful original mix of the 2013 demo.)

VWD 32: ABSURD (Ger) – “Facta Loquuntur” TAPE: $8.88 (Germanic Black Metal monument that stands beyond any criticism. Full album plays on side A, side B has 11 bonus tracks. Features the new cover artwork by Antichrist Kramer.)

VWD 33: BILSKIRNIR (Ger) – “Dem Feind entgegen” TAPE: $8.00 (2011 EP of supreme Teutonic Pagan Black Metal released onto pro-tape format for the first time.)

VWD 36: BILSKIRNIR (Ger) – “Wolfswut” TAPE: $8.00 (Pro-tape version of this now classic EP. Features a bonus track that was not present on the original 7″ EP!)

VWD 37: ARYAN BLOOD (Ger) – “Through Struggle to Victory” TAPE: $8.88 (Legendary compilation from one of the most radical and mysterious Black Metal bands of all time now available on pro-tape for the first time.)

VWD 38: EISERN 88 (Ger) – “Keep the grail of Aryan Blood” TAPE: $8.00 (Heavy hitting RAC from prolific members of the German NSBM underground. Recommended for fans of bands such as Blue Eyed Devils, Bound For Glory, Iron Youth, Brutal Begude, etc.)

VWD 39: TODESSTRAFE (Ita) – “Under The Sign Of The Storm” tape: $8.66 (W.A.R. NS Black Metal from Italy. Second full length, even more radical than the first.)

VWD 40: ASHEN HUSK (US) – “All We Hold Sacred” tape: $7.00 (Debut demo of this new one man project from the Brotherhood of Light circle. Heathen Black Metal with a cold atmosphere but this time with a bit more Death Metal influenced sound!)



ARYANWÜLF / KRIGSROP (US/Nor) – split CD: $10.00 (Released by Aryan Axis.)

BESTIAL WHORE (US) – “Sabbatic Goat Birth” CD: $10.00 (Brand new 2019 album! 7 new tracks + Perverts Return demo 2015 as a bonus. Perverted Black/Death/Thrash Metal in the old school style with killer riffs. Released by Doomsday Elite.)

EINGAR (US) – “Eingar” CD: $8.00 (Epic Heathen Black Metal by an ex-Wotanorden member. Released by Wotansblut Records.)

ENDSIEG (US) – “Twilight of Aryan Consciousness” MCD: $10.00 (EP / mini-album of pure Vinlandic NS Black Metal  + the demo “Exultation of Vinlandic Might” on one CD. Released by Sang & Sol Productions – US distribution by Vinlandic Werwolf.)

EMK (US) – “Doomsday Kult” MCD: $8.00 (EP/mini-album release of raw war USBM. Released by Doomsday Elite.)

ETERNAL STRIFE (US) – “When The World Comes Crumbling Down” CD: $9.00 (Brutal mix of unabashed Hatecore/NSBM/NSDM. Released by Wotansblut Records.)

ODOUR OF DEATH (Pol) – “Satanic Devotion” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (New 5 song EP of epic Satanic Black Metal in the mighty Polish tradition! Features Kolan from ANTISEMITEX. Released by Lower Silesian Stronghold and Doomsday Elite – US Distribution by Vinlandic Werwolf.)

TWO RUNES / NOKTURNE / MOHAREBEH / ARYANWÜLF / ORDER OF THE DEATH’S HEAD – “Ancient Order Eternal” CD: $10.00 (5 way split released by Doomsday Elite and Lower Silesian Stronghold – US distribution by Vinlandic Werwolf.)

AYYADIEH (US) – “Ayyedieh” TAPE: $7.00 (Debut demo of killer Black Metal, in the vein of  Godless North! Released by Doomsday Elite.)

DARK FURY (POL) – “Flooded Lands” TAPE: $8.00 (Brand new 2019 album! USA pro-tape version released by Doomsday Elite.)

DEEP DESOLATION (Pol) – “Boski Jad” TAPE: $7.88 (Sludgy and doomy Black Metal madness. Exclusive USA version with song titles and lyrics in English. Released by Doomsday Elite.)

DEFILE (US) – Poser Holocaust tape: $6.66 (Black Thrashing Speed Metal with members of WEST WALL and BESTIAL WHORE! Released by Doomsday Elite and Rejection Of Jehovah Records.)

ENDSIEG / EINGAR (US) – split TAPE: $7.00 (Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal split. Released by Aryan Axis.)

NOKTURNE (US) – “Kruelty Kampaign” TAPE: $8.00 (Definitive edition of the classic 2006 album with deluxe slipcase and revised layout. War obsessed Black Metal blitzkrieg. Released by Hypgnosis Records.)

NOKTURNE (US) – “Runic Death Kommando” TAPE: $8.00 (Rehearsal demo of aggressive and war obsessed Black Metal on pro-tape. Doomsday Elite release.)

NOKTURNE / BLUTKULT (US/Ger) – “Ahnenerbe Blood Cult / Machtergreifung” TAPE: $8.00 (Pro-tape version of the 7″ EP split with bonus tracks from both bands! Released by Wotansblut Records. LAST FEW COPIES UNCOVERED!)

NOKTURNE / MALÉFICE (US/FRA) – “Die Welt gehört uns!!!” TAPE: $7.88 (Tape version of the 7″ EP split with bonus tracks from both bands! Released by Hypgnosis Records.)

NORDWIND (CAN) – “Thy Will Be Done” TAPE: $6.88 (Heathen Black Metal by an ex-member of GODLESS NORTH. Released by Wotansblut Records.)

TWO RUNES (FIN) – “Herää Eurooppa!” TAPE: $8.66 (One of the best Black Metal demos of recent times. Reissue on pro-tape with improved layout & two bonus tracks! Released by Aryan Axis.)

SKALLAGRIMSSON (US) – “Aryan Barbarian” TAPE: $7.00 (NS Black/Death Metal from Kvasir’s Blood mastermind. Released by Hypgnosis Records.)



314 (Pol) – “Czas Przeszły Dokonany” CD: $10.00

88 (Bul) – “Apokalipsis” CD: $10.00

5:45 (GER) – “Notwehr” CD: $10.00 (Obscure Germanic NS Black Metal.)

ARKTOGÄA (Ita) – “Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs” CD: $14.00 (Hyperborean Black Metal with martial industrial passages and even echoes of RAC are also present. Breath of Pestilence release.)

ABSURD (Ger) – “Blutgericht” CD: $13.00

ABSURD (Ger) – “Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg” CD: $15.00

ABSURD (Ger) – “Facta Loquuntur” CD: $13.00 (Sinistrari Records edition. Germanic Black Metal monument that stands beyond any criticism.)

ABSURD (Ger) – “Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik” CD: $13.00

ABSURD / GRAND BELIAL’S KEY / SIGRBLOT (Ger/US/Swe) – “Weltenfeind” CD: $14.00 (Requires no introduction. W.T.C. version.)

ABYSSIC HATE (Aus) – “A Decade of Hate” DIGIPACK CD: $14.00 (Compiles the classic first demo + EP + track from No Colours compilation. Essential. Darker Than Black reissue, 2018.)

ABYSSIC HATE (Aus) – “Suicidal Emotions” DIGIPACK CD: $14.00 (Full length album that was never emulated by the trendies trying to follow the themes present in this album. Essential. Darker Than Black reissue, 2018.)

ADORIA / FEUERNACHT / STAHLFRONT (Ger) – “Wehrwolf Jugend” CD: $15.00

AEGEON (Fin) – “Devouring the Sun” CD: $10.00

AGRATH (US) – “Thy Kingdom Come” CD: $10.00

AKASHAH (US) – “Eagna an Marbh” CD: $10.00 (Pagan Black Metal from an ex-member of XENOPHOBIA & VEIL. 3rd full length on Darker Than Black / Wolftyr Productions.)

ALOCER 88 (US) – “Hyperborean Memories” CD: $10.00 (CD on Southern Plague Productions.)

APRAXIA (Belarus) – “Ideology” DIGIPACK CD: $11.00 (Classic 1999 Black/Folk metal album, reissued on a deluxe digipack with the great original artwork by Lower Silesian Stronghold.)

ANCESTRAL SHADOWS (US) – “Preserving All Darkness In This World” CD: $10.00

ANCESTRAL SHADOWS (US) – “The Sorrows Of Centuries” Past DIGIPACK CD: $10.00

ANGRY ARYANS (US) – “Old School Hate” CD: $18.00 (Classic hatecore from Detroit. Compiles songs from their 7″ EP and two demo tapes. Resistance Records.)

ANTIPHRASIS – “Terror Management” CD: $10.00 (Featuring ex-ABSURD member. Nebelfee Klangwerke release.)

ARYAN BLOOD (Ger) – “Stürme aus Stahl” MCD: $11.00 (Unreleased material from 1996, finally released in 2018 by DARKER THAN BLACK!)

ARYAN HAMMER (Fin) – “Einsatzkommando Finnland” MCD: $10.00 (The killer debut demo reissued on CD in 2019 by Sang & Sol Productions.)

ARYAN TERRORISM (Ukr) – “WAR” CD: $16.00 (Classic NS Black Metal album. Resistance Records, 2002.)

ASSASSINATION (Ger) – “Circles within Circles” CD: $15.00 (Really well executed Psychedelic Black n’ Roll. Biggest influence is obviously Black Magick SS, but establishes it’s own personal touch on the sound.)

ARGENTUM / SIGVEGR – “Black Sun Is Rising” CD: $10.00 (NS Martial Industrial/Ambient)

AZAXUL (Ger) – “The Fleshly Tomb” CD: $12.00 (True Black Metal. Originally conceived as a MOONBLOOD side project, AZAXUL summoned this second album in 2016.)

BATTALION (UK) – “Battalion” CD: $10.00 (Hard hitting mix of Black Metal/British style Oi/Viking Rock. Lower Silesian Stronghold / Heidenwut Productions co-release.)

BARAD DÛR (Ger) – “Land Ohne Götter” CD: $14.00 (Reissue of their 1997 demo, released onto CD by Darker Than Black.)

BARAD DÛR (Ger) – “Vergeltung” CD: $12.00 (2013 full length on Nebelfee Klangewerke.)

BERSERKR (US) – “Crush the Weak” CD: $18.00 (Second full length. NS Death Metal linked to Midtown Bootboys. Original CD from 1996 on Resistance Records.)

BERSERKR (US) – The Voice of our Ancestors CD: $18.00 (First full length. Not Death Metal, more like Heavy Metal in a Viking style. Linked to Midtown Bootboys. Original CD from 1994 on Resistance Records.)

BESTIAL WHORE (US) – “Pentagram Perversion” CD: $10.00 (Killer perverse Black/Death Metal with great riffs!)

BILSKIRNIR (Ger) – “Wotan Redivivus” CD: $12.00

BLASPHEMY (CAN) – “Live In Brazilian Ritual Third Attack” CD: $10.00 (Ross Bay Cult Eternal! Killer & very high quality live recording!)

BLUTKULT (Ger) – “Alte Werte – Neu Beseelt” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (Elite NS Black Metal with heavy RAC influence. Fourth full length.)

BLUTKULT (Ger) – “Teutsche Kriegshymnen” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (Elite NS Black Metal with heavy RAC influence. Compilation of split songs from 2014-2017.)

BLIZZARD (Arg) – “Hateful Hymns of an endless winter” CD: $10.00

BONE HEAD (Swe) – “Nationell Av Idag” CD: $12.00 (RAC/Oi. Bigoted and proud of it, obviously!)

BOUND FOR GLORY (US) – “Ironborn” CD: $14.88 (RAC/Thrash. 2017 full length.)

BURZUM (NOR) – “Anthology – Lord Of Darkness” CD: $12.00

BURZUM (Nor) – “Det Som Engang Var” CD: $12.00

BURZUM (Nor) – “Filosofem” CD: $12.00

BURZUM (Nor) – “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” CD: $12.00

BUSTUM (Pol) – “The Return Of Hate” CD: $10.00 (2010 album by Darker Than Black. Features KOLAN from ANTISEMITEX / ex- MARTIAL)

BUNKUR (Netherlands) – “Bludgeon” CD: $10.00

CALIGULA (Arg) – “Viaje Dentro De La Fría Niebla” CD: $10.00

CODE OF VIOLENCE (US) – “Purge” CD: $14.88 (Violent Hatecore. Resistance Records, 2002.)

CROSS OF IRON (POL) – “In The Steelstorms” CD: $10.00

DARK FURY (POL) – “Flooded Lands” CD: $10.00 (2019 full length! Both jewel case AND digipack versions available)

DARK FURY (Pol) – “Saligia” CD: $10.00

DARK FURY (POL) – “Semper Fidelis” CD: $10.00

DARK FURY (POL) – “This Story Happened Before” CD: $10.00 (Both jewel case AND digipack versions available)

DARK FURY (POL) – “W.A.R.” CD: $10.00

DARK FURY / POPRAVA (POL/CZ) – “Furor Slavica” CD: $10.00

DAWN OF PURITY (Fin) – “2000 Years of Triumph” CD: $13.00 (True Black Metal madness. Released by Out Of The Dungeon.)

DEAD KOMMUNIST (FIN) – “Dead Kommunist” CD: $11.00 (Extreme and violent RAC! Debut 2017 album.)

DEFENDERS OF EUROPE (POL) – “Wierni Krwi” MCD: $8.00 (Side project of KOLAN from ANTISEMITEX / ex-MARTIAL)

DEEP DESOLATION (Pol) – “Boski Jad” CD: $10.00 (Sludgy and doomy Black Metal madness. Lower Silesian Stronghold release.)

DER STÜRMER (Gre) – “Transcendental Racial Idealism” CD: $14.00 (Remastered 2019 reissue. Sound massively improved by some impressive remastering work. Breath of Pestilence release.)

DER STÜRMER / COMMAND / REEK OF THE UNZEN GAS FUMES / FOGGED BY FLESHFLIES (Gre/Bra/Jap) – split CD: $14.88 (Breath of Pestilence / Death’s Abyss Productions.)

DER STÜRMER / GALGENBERG (Gre/Pol) – split CD: $10.88

DIVISION TRIAD / WAR 88 (Ger/Pol) – split CD: $15.00

DIVISION S (Swe) – “Attack” CD: $14.88 (RAC/Oi)

DIVISION S (Swe) – “Hate” CD: $14.88 (RAC/Oi)

DREADMOON (US) – “Dreadmoon” CD: $10.00 (Compilation containing most of the cult NSBM band’s discography. Released by Doomdsay Elite & Vanguard Productions in 2016.)

ELÄNDE / SVÄRTA (Fin) – “Invokation” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (Finnish Black Metal split released by Darker Than Black Records)

ELITISM (Fra) – “L’odeur des Déportés” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (The original demo remastered and put onto CD. Elite Black Metal.)

ELITISM (FRA) – “Quand L’Étoile De David Brûlait” CD: $12.00 (Debut full length. Elite Black Metal from the Flammes De France circle.)

EVIL (Bra) – “Ashes of Old” DIGIPACK CD: $11.00 (Darker Than Black version.)

FLAMEN (Ita) – “Furor Lunae” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (Amazing debut album of atmospheric medieval Black Metal. Wolfspell Records / Lower Silesian Stronghold co-release.)

FEAST OF MOLOCH (US) – “Demo 2018” MCD: $8.00

FORLORN WINDS (US) – “Murmurs with the Decapitated” CD: $10.00 (Supreme Vinlandic Black Metal. Second album on Darker Than Black.)

FUROR VOLTURNO (BRA) – “Aequilibrium” CD: $10.00 (featuring EVIL member!)

FJÖRD / DRUNEMETON (US/Rus) – split CD: $10.00

GESTAPO 666 (Fra) – “Black Gestapo Metal” CD: $13.00 (Classic and previously hard to find Black Metal album, reissued in 2019 by Out Of The Dungeon with original layout.)

GEIMHRE (Can) – “For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh” CD: $10.00 (Pagan Black Metal. Compilation of two demos + exclusive bonus track. Lower Silesian Stronghold / Hammer of Damnation co-release.)

GEIMHRE (Can) – “Mollachd” CD: $10.00 (Pagan Black Metal. Reissue of debut album + four bonus rehearsal tracks. Lower Silesian Stronghold / Hammer of Damnation co-release.

GENOCIDE SHRINES (Sri Lanka) – “Ceylonese Terror Attack” CD: $12.00 (2018 live album release on Cyclopean Eye Productions.)

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY (US) – “A Witness To The Regicide” DIGIPACK CD: $13.00 (Finally released on pro CD! Released by W.T.C.)

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY (US) – “Goat of a Thousand Young / Triumph of The Hordes” DIGIPACK CD: $15.00 (Two of the most monumental USBM demos on one CD. Released by W.T.C.)

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY (US) – “Judeobeast Assassination” CD: $14.00 (Great looking 2019 reissue on Drakkar Productions with gold ink printing. Requires no introduction, obviously.)

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY (US) –  “Kosherat” CD: $16.00 (Great looking reissue on Drakkar Productions with gold ink printing. Requires no introduction, obviously. RIP Grimnir Wotansvolk!)

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY (US) – “Mocking The Philanthropist” CD: $13.00 (2019 Sinistrari Records edition. Requires no introduction, obviously.)

GRAVELAND (Pol) – “The Celtic Winter” CD: $10.00 (2013 reissue on Red Stream with remastered audio, bonus tracks, new artwork, and a deluxe slipcase.)

GROM (US) – “By Oak, Ash and Thorns” CD: $18.00 (Vinlandic Black Metal. Resistance Records, 2004)

GROM / THE SHADOW ORDER (US/Gre) – “Sons of Zeus” CD: $14.00 (Classic 2003 split on Unholy Records.)

HAMMER (Fin) – “Rautasiipien alla” CD: $16.00 (Over an hour of live assaults from one of the best Finnish BM bands. Released by Out Of The Dungeon.)

HAVOC (Swe) – “Legion” CD: $10.88 (Reissue of the EP from 2000, the only recording from this obscure NS Black Metal band.)

HEATHEN HAMMER (US) – “Clandestine Oath” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (Vinlandic Black Metal. Second album released in 2011 by Strong Survive.)

HEATHEN HAMMER (US) – “Kinship Destiny” CD: $10.00 (Vinlandic Black Metal. Debut 2008 album released by Strong Survive.)

HEATHEN HAMMER (US) – “White Spirit Black Mask” CD: $12.00 (Vinlandic Black Metal. Latest and best album yet released in 2017 by Resistance Records.)

HELDENTUM (Ger) – “Waffenweihe” CD: $15.00 (Germanic Black Metal masterpiece fronted by Wolf. Sound is like his time in Absurd mixed with Arghoslent.)

HELDUNE – “Echoes of the Fallen” CD: $10.00

HEYSEL (Swe) – “Motstånd” CD: $14.88 (RAC released on the label Nordland.)

HOHL (US) – “The Codex Odium” CD: $10.00 (Outlaw USBM. Released by B. Barbarity.)

HOUSE OF ATREUS (US) – “The Spear and the Ichor That Follows” CD: $10.00 (Death Metal militancy. Recommended for fans of ARGHOSLENT.)

HUNOK (Hun) – “Forgotten Honour” DIGIPACK CD: $11.00 (Breath of Pestilence release.)

ICONOCLAST CONTRA (US) – “Combat Is The Voice Of The Heathen” CD: $10.00

IMPALED NAZARENE / BEHERIT (Fin/Fin) – “Day of Darkness Festifall” split CD: $12.00

INSANE APOLLYON (Fin) – “Insane Apollyon” MCD: $12.00 (Four tracks highly influenced by demo era Absurd + two haunting dark ambient tracks. Breath of Pestilence release.)


KOMMANDANT (US) – “The Draconian Archetype” CD: $10.00 (2015 Reissue on B. Barbarity!)

KVASIR’S BLOOD (US) – “Triumph of the Will” DIGIPACK CD: $14.88 (New 2019 album released by Breath of Pestilence. Raw, arrogant, and triumphant Black Metal. Features “Blutfahne” EP as bonus tracks.)

KVASIR’S BLOOD (US) – “W.O.T.A.N.” CD: $13.00 (True Vinlandic Black Metal. 2017 full length on Darker Than Black.)

KONFLICT (Sri Lanka) – “Trigger Universal Conflict” CD: $12.00 (Terroristic Blackgrind War Metal release on Cyclopean Eye Productions. Features guest vocals by Antichrist Kramer.)

LASCOWIEC (US) – “A Warcry Rises Above the Frozen Lands” CD: $10.00

LASCOWIEC (US) – “Survival” CD: $10.00

LASCOWIEC (US) – “Unbroken Spirit” CD: $10.00

LASCOWIEC (US) – “Winds of Victory” CD: $10.00

LIKVANN (NOR) – “Furet og Vaerbitt” CD: $10.00 (Norsk Arisk Black Metal.)

LIKVANN / MOROK (Nor/Ukr) – “Hedmark-Carpathian Spirit of Blood, Soil and Darkness” CD: $10.00

LLYR (US) – “Lost and Forgotten (Unil Glew Ysgnd)” CD: $10.00 (The first recordings from CRG (Sunchariot, Svetovid, Surt, etc.) were released under the LLYR name back in 2006. See where Brotherhood of Light began on this CD.)

LORD OF DEPRESSION / INFERNAL SACRAMENT / TETRAGAMMACIDE (US/Ind) – split CD: $10.00 (Split CD released by B. Barbarity)

MALÉFICE (Fra) – “Retour au Monastère” A5 DIGIPACK CD: $14.00

MASSENVERNICHTUNG (Ger) – “Eine Abrechnung” DIGIPACK CD: $10.88 (Depraved True Black Metal. 2015 album from this underrated band released by Darker Than Black.)

MAX RESIST (US) – “Renegade Youth” CD: $14.88 (RAC, Resistance Records 2002)

MERCYFUL FATE (Den) – “Doomed By The Living Dead” CD: $10.00 (Bootleg live album)

MOHAREBEH (US) – “We Are At War!!!” CD: $10.88 (Anti-Islamic NS Black/Death. Killer debut album! Doomsday Elite release.)

MOLOCH (Ukr) – “Stiller Schrei Des Winters (2002-2012)” CD: $8.00

NATION WAR (Mex) – “Death’s Commands Under Totenkopf sign” CD: $10.00 (Second full length.)

NATION WAR (Mex) – “Satan’s Soldiers SS” CD: $10.00 (First full length.)

NECROSLUT (FIN) – “Black Deceiver” CD: $10.00 (Bestial Black/Death created by Shatraug from SARGEIST. Debut full length.)

NEKROKRIST SS (Fin) – “Neljän käärmeen veljeskunta” CD: $13.00 (Latest full length. Released by Darker Than Black.)

NEMESIS (UK) – “The Forgotten Soldier” CD: $14.88 (Second album from the Scottish RAC band, Resistance Records 2002 pressing)

NOKTURNE (US) – “Embracer of Dark Ages” CD: $10.00 (Remastered 2014 reissue of the debut full length that was recorded in 1999/originally released in 2001! Released by Lower Silesian Stronghold with a new layout.)

NOKTURNE (US) – “Kruelty Kampaign” CD: $10.00 (2019 CD reissue of the 2006 album with all new layout. War obsessed Black Metal blitzkrieg. Pagan War Distro.)

NOKTURNE (US) – “Terror Resurgence” CD: $10.00 (The Nokturne songs from the “Wargod Domination” split CD but standalone and with 3 bonus tracks. Pagan War Distro.)

NOKTURNE (US) – “Werwolf Blood Order” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (2014 full length released by Darker Than Black & Self Sacrifice Distro. Features Absurd cover with guest vocals by JFN.)

NOKTURNE / TODESWEIHE (US/Ger) – “Blitzkrieg Death Invocations” CD: $10.00 (An alliance of Vinlandic-Germanic Black Metal terror. Self Sacrifice Distro & Heretic Wisdom Productions.)

NOKTURNAL WARFARE (US) – “DeathKult Division” CD: $10.00

NORDKAMPF (Swe) – “Vi Är Ej De Sista Av Igår, Vi Är De Första Av Imorgon” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (Compilation of the bands two older demos.)

NORDVREDE (Nor) – “State of the Art” CD: $12.00 (Norsk Arisk Black Metal. Released by Darker Than Black.)

NYOGTHAEBLISZ (US) – “Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation” CD: $11.00 (Long awaited full length from the Hell Paso death squad!)

ODIUM TOTUS (US) – “In Inceptum Finis Est” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (Militant and harsh Black Metal created by a member of IBEX THRONE, ICONOCLAST CONTRA, etc.)

OSCULUM INFAME (Fra) – “Dor-nu-Fauglith” DIGIPACK CD: $16.00 (Classic & essential album finally gets a reissue on Impure Wedding Productions!)

PANTHEON (US) – “Krihapentswor” CD: $14.00 (Monumental Vinlandic Black Metal. Original 2002 CD by Strong Survive.)

PANZERFAUST (Pol) – “Grand Nuclear Desolation” CD: $10.00

PANZERFAUST (Pol) – “I, Phallus God” CD: $10.00

PERVOGOAT (Fin) – “Pervogoat” CD: $14.00 (Compilation of both demos + rehearsal tracks. Breath of Pestilence release.)

PIAREVARCIEN (POL) – “U Pošukach Pačatku Tych Šlachoŭ” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00

POPRAVA (POL/CZ) – “Supredator” CD: $10.00

TEARDOWN (US) – “Against The Dying Light” CD: $14.88 (RAC / Hatecore. First press on Final Stand Records)

THE RAUNCHOUS BROTHERS (US) ‎– “Hail Metal….Destroy Faggotry!” CD: $14.00 (The definitive soundtrack to the rage induced by living in the modern world. DIE IN PAIN RECORDS)

THUNDERBOLT (Pol) – Sons of the Darkness CD: $16.00 (Resistance Records version, 2002)

THUNDERBOLT / KATAXU (Pol) – Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty / Roots Thunder CD: $15.00 (Split CD compiling two legendary demos. Ancestral Research Records, 2000)

RAHOWA (Can) – “Cult of the Holy War” CD: $18.00 (Original CD on Resistance Records, 1995.)

RASSENHASS (GER) – “Lasst Sie Ruhig Kommen” CD: $10.88 (RAC)

RAGGRADARH (Bul) – “Битка” CD: $10.00

RAVENBANNER (GRE) – “…And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past” DIGIPACK CD: $15.00 (Breath of Pestilence / Out Of The Dungeon release.)

REDNECK 28 (US) – “Play Songs of Ian Stuart & The Klansmen” CD: $10.00

RODONITZA (RUS) – “The Edges Of The Times” CD: $8.00

SACRIFICIAL MASSACRE (US) – “The Chief Of The Savage” CD: $10.00

SELBSTMORD (Pol) – “Radical Declaration” CD: $13.00 (Extremist Black Metal. 2017 full length album.)

SELBSTMORD (Pol) – “Some Day the Whole World…” CD: $15.00 (Classic demo of Extremist Black Metal bigotry reissued by Out Of The Dungeon.)

SELBSTMORD (Pol) – “Spectre of Hate” CD: $15.00 (Debut full length of Extremist Black Metal bigotry reissued by Out Of The Dungeon.)

SEGES FINDERE (BRA) – “Hateful Wargasm” CD: $8.00

SEGES FINDERE (BRA) – “Massacre Supremacista” CD: $10.00

SEGES FINDERE (BRA) – “Proclamation of Blood Vengeance” CD: $10.00

SEGES FINDERE (BRA) – “Warmasted By Deathkorps” CD: $8.00

SEGES FINDERE (BRA) – “Wolflike Blitzkrieg” CD: $10.00


SEVERE STORM (Pol) – “The Awakening” DIGIPACK CD: $10.00 (New 2019 album on Lower Silesian Stronghold! Solo project of Kolan from ANTISEMITEX, ex-MARTIAL, etc.)

SIELUNVIHOLLINEN (Fin) – “Ruhonkantaja” CD: $12.00 (Darker Than Black, 2017)

STRAIGHT ARM SALUTE (FIN) – “Teachings in Traditionalism” CD: $10.00 (2018 album with a sound more focused on Martial Industrial as opposed to their usual Power Electronics.)

STURMGEWEHR / SECESSIONIST (US) – “1933 / 1861” CD: $12.00

SVARTR STURM (Can) – “Burn the Soviet Flag” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (Brilliant mix of NSBM/RAC. Demo from 2010 put onto a pro CD.)

SVARTR STURM (Can) – “En Route Vers Le Front” CD: $12.00 (Brilliant mix of NSBM/RAC. Demo from 2013 put onto a pro CD.)

SVETOVID (US) – “Nature’s Fury” CD: $10.00 (Second 2013 full length album from this great Brotherhood of Light project with LASCOWIEC, SUNCHARIOT, etc members.)

SVETOVID (US) – “Waiting for the End” DOUBLE CD: $15.00 (Third 2019 full length album from this great Brotherhood of Light project with LASCOWIEC, SUNCHARIOT, etc members.)

SVETOVID (US) – “Valhallan Dreams” CD: $10.00 (Debut 2011 full length album from this great Brotherhood of Light project with LASCOWIEC, SUNCHARIOT, etc members.)

SUNWHEEL (Pol) – “Industry Of Death” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (2014 reissue on Darker Than Black.)

STANDVAST (Netherlands) -” Jera: Live 2018″ CD: $10.00


TARANIS (US) – “Dionysian Polemic” CD: $10.00 (Obscure Pagan Black/Folk Metal released by Hakenkreuz Productions in 2003.)

THOR’S HAMMER (Pol) – “May The Hammer Smash The Cross” CD: $14.00 (First press on Ancestral Research Records, 2000)

TODESSTRAFE (Ita) – “The Northern Hammer Returns” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00 (Italian W.A.R. NS Black Metal. Strong debut album! Packaged in deluxe digipack with a sticker included.)

TOTENBURG (Ger) – “Art und Kampf” CD: $12.00

TOTENBURG (Ger) – “Endzeit” CD: $12.00 (2009 full length of elite NS Black Metal. Released by Nebelfee Klangwerke.)

TOTENBURG (Ger) – “Mit uns das Blut, der Tod mit euch” CD: $14.00

TOTENBURG (Ger) – “Pestpogrom” CD: $14.00

TOTER WINTER (US) – “Blood and Victory” CD: $10.00

TYRANATH / ETERNAL STRIFE (US/US) – “Swords Of Promise / Vinlandic Hate Brigade” split CD: $10.00 (Previously unreleased Tyranath album + Eternal Strife’s demo as a split CD! Darker Than Black / Honour & Hate release / Hypgnosis Records corelease.)

TYRANATH / KVAATHAN / EINGAR (US/CAN/US) – “Vinlandic War Hymns” split CD: $10.00 (3 way Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal split.)

VAMPYRIC BLOOD (Fin) – “Watching the Nights Rot in Eternal Melancholy” CD: $13.00

VELIMOR (RUS) – “Legacy” CD: $10.00

VELIMOR (RUS) – “Master of Illusion” CD: $10.00

VIA DOLOROSA (Ita) – “Complete Discography Vol. 3” CD: $10.00

VIA DOLOROSA (Ita) – Immortal Ad Vitam CD: $10.00

VOLKOLUN (Rus/Pol) – “Path Through the Mist” DIGIPACK CD: $10.88

VORNAT (Fin) – “Vornat” CD: $13.00 (Cult Finnish Black Metal. Breath of Pestilence release.)

WARFIRE (Fra) – “Heralds of Eternal Order” CD: $13.00 (Supremacist war Death Metal with neck breaking riffs. Features ORDER OF THE DEATH’S HEAD members. Breath of Pestilence release.)

WEHRHAMMER (GER) – “Das Ende Naht” CD: $12.00

WEHRHAMMER (Ger) – “Wir Ziehen In Den Krieg” CD: $12.00

WINTERGEWITTER (GER) -” Spirit, Cause and Strife” DIGIPACK MCD: $8.88

WINTERGEWITTER (GER) ‎- “Operation Wintergewitter” CD: $10.00

WODULF (GRE) – “Wargus Esto” CD: $14.88 (Reissue with a bonus track taken from The Night & The Fog II compilation. Remastered audio with original art and lyrics printed. Breath of Pestilence / Out Of The Dungeon release.)

WOLFKRIEG (Rus) – “Fire of Ragnarök” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00

WOLFKRIEG (Rus) – “Wolvish Reign” DIGIPACK CD: $12.00

WOLFNACHT (Gre) – “Project Ordensburg” CD: $15.00 (Ig Farben version.)

WOLFSSTURM / STOLZKRIEG (Spa/Arg) – “Our Enemies Must Burn” CD: $10.88

V/A – “Svensk Arisk Black Metal” CD: $10.00 (Swedish Aryan Black Metal compilation. Most notably features SONS OF SATAN.)



Лють (Ukr) – “Волочите Стяги, Русичи!” TAPE: $6.00

ABSURD (Ger) – “Live In Suomi Finland Perkele 2008” TAPE: $9.00

AD HOMINEM (Fra) – “Antitheist” TAPE: $9.00 (Pro-tape by Darker Than Black.)

AMPHISBAENA (Can) – “Amphisbaena” TAPE: $6.66

ANTISEMITEX (Pol) – “No Hope, No Future … Just W.A.R.!!!” TAPE: $8.00 (Original tape version released by Eichenlaub Propaganda in 2009!)

ARKONA (Pol) – “Konstelacja Lodu” TAPE: $7.00

ARKONA (Pol) – “Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes” TAPE: $7.00

ARYSK (Aus) – “Devastation” TAPE: $10.00 (Rare as fuck NS Black Metal. Recommended)

ASTARIUM (Rus) – “Epoch of Tyrants” TAPE: $6.00

ASTARIUM (Rus) – “Hyperborea” TAPE: $6.00

ALGOR (Slovakia) – “Úder Pohanského Hnevu” TAPE: $6.66

APOLION / GASZIMMER (Ita) – “Necro Black Elitist Alliance” TAPE: $7.00

AVENGER (Czech) – “Fall Of Devotion, Wrath And Blasphemy” TAPE: $5.00

BANNERWAR (Gre) – “Centuries of Heathen Might” TAPE: $8.00

BANNERWAR (Gre) – “To Honour Fatherland” TAPE: $8.00

BESTIAL RAIDS (Pol) – “Prime Evil Damnation” TAPE: $8.00

APHOOM ZHAH (Belarus) – “Вечная Боль” TAPE: $5.00

BLASPHEMONGER (US) – “Impaled Beneath The Pentagram” TAPE: $5.00

BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT (Ita) – “Reversed Cosmos” TAPE: $5.00

BLOOD EFFIGY (US) – “Holocaust Kommand” TAPE: $8.00 (NS Black Metal released by Doomsday Elite.)

BLUTFAHNE (Ukr) – “The Circle of Eternal Return” TAPE: $8.00

BOUND FOR GLORY (US) – “Glory Awaits” TAPE: $8.66 (Legendary RAC/Thrash)

BRUTAL BEGUDE (FRA) – “…Forever Ours” TAPE: $7.00 (2006 album of great RAC/WP Metal. Official pro tape by Sang & Sol Productions.)

BRUTAL BEGUDE (FRA) – “Radikal Musik” TAPE: $7.00 (2005 album of great RAC/WP Metal. Official pro tape by Sang & Sol Productions.)

CATERVA RUNA (Fra) – “Europa Nostra” TAPE: $8.00

CAMPO DE MAYO / PERMAFROST (Arg) – split TAPE: $7.00 (Southern Elite Circle split)

CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT (Fin) – “Chamber of Unlight” TAPE: $6.66

CIRCLE OF DAWN (Fin) –  “Northern Savonian Black Metal” TAPE: $8.00 (Darker Than Black / Dread Records corelease – this is the edition printed in Europe.)

CRUCIFIER (US) – “Thy Sulfur Throne On High” TAPE: $6.66 (Hail The Crucifier Brotherhood! Pro tape version by DARKNESS ATTACK.)

CULTUS (NETHERLANDS) – “Promo 2007” TAPE: $6.00

EISENWINTER (Swiss) – “Monumentales Scheitern” TAPE: $8.00

DAHAK (Pol) – “Arkana Wężowej Mądrości” TAPE: $5.00

DEATH SS (Ita) – “…in Death of Steve Sylvester” TAPE: $8.00

DER STÜRMER / GALGENBERG (GRE/POL) – “Europa Erwache / Galgenberg” TAPE: $8.88 (Pro-tape version by IG Farben!)

DEIPHAGO (Phl) – “I, The Devil” TAPE: $8.00

DEMIURG (Pol) – “From The Throne Of Darkness” TAPE: $5.00

DIRE OMEN (Can) – “Severing Soul From Flesh” TAPE: $6.00

ECCE HOMMO (Bra) – “Rehearsal Demo” TAPE: $7.00 (Obscure Nietzschenien Extreme Black Metal. Self-released demo 2007.)

EINHERJAR (Fra) – “Sur les sentiers d’une guerre païenne” TAPE: $6.00

ELITISM (Fra) – “L’odeur des Déportés” TAPE: $7.00 (The first demo. Elite Black Metal.)

ENCOFFINATION (US) – O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchers TAPE: $7.88

ENSLAVED (Nor) – “Erbore Tyskland” TAPE: $6.66 (Killer live recording)

ET VERBI SATHANUS (Chile) – “Genocide Command” TAPE: $5.00

EXILE (BUL) – “Restless Soul” TAPE: $5.00

EXILE (BUL) – “The Nightcoming 2” TAPE: $5.00

FAETHON (Gre) – “ΑΕΝΑΟΝ ΠΥΡ” TAPE: $7.00 (Newest EP from this Hellenic Pagan band)

FAETHON (Gre) – “Pagan Revival” TAPE: $6.00

FÖRGJORD (Fin) – “Uhripuu” TAPE: $8.66

GOATBLOOD (Aus) – “Hate Divison” TAPE: $8.66

GOATCHRIST (US) – “Death Prayer” TAPE: $8.00

GOAT SYNAGOGUE (Gre) – “Enter The Feast” TAPE: $5.00

GRAFVOLLUTH (US) – “Long Live Death!” TAPE: $6.00

GRIMFAUG (BEL) – “Blood Upon the Face of Creation” TAPE: $5.00

GROMOL (Rus) – “Холокост Cтихий / The Elements Holocaust” TAPE: $5.00

GUILLOTINA (Spa) – “Demo 2019” TAPE: $6.00 (Death Metal horde’s debut demo. Devastating Metal in the vein of Celtic Frost, Sacrilege and Bolt Thrower.)

GJENDØD (Nor) – “Død Manns Skygge” TAPE: $8.00 (Darker Than Black release)

GJENDØD (Nor) – “Krigsdøger” TAPE: $8.00 (Darker Than Black release)

HAKENKREUZ NOCTURNA (Ita) – “Eternal Introspective Winter” TAPE: $6.00

HAMMERGOAT / SADISTIK GOATHAMMER (Bra/Chile) – “Ritual of Nekro Penetration” TAPE: $8.00 (Black/Death split on Hammer of Damnation. Hammergoat featuring Warlord from EVIL.)

HAMMERGOAT / DAKHMA (Bra/Swiss) – “Decrepit Utterances of Unseen Horrors” TAPE: $8.00 (Black/Death split on Hammer of Damnation. Hammergoat featuring Warlord from EVIL.)

HERESIARCH (NZ) – “Hammer Of Intransigence” TAPE: $6.00

HOUR OF THY VOYAGE (Fin) – “Hour Of Thy Voyage” TAPE: $6.00

HREFNESHOLT (AUSTRIA) – “Hrefnesvinter” TAPE: $8.00

INFERNO REQUIEM (Taiwan) – “Moon” TAPE: $8.00

INKISITOR (Fra) – “Inkisitor” TAPE: $5.00

INVERSER (US) – “Demo” TAPE: $5.00

IMPETUOUS RITUAL (Aus) – “Blight Upon Martyred Sentience” ‎TAPE: $8.00

INFERNO (Czech) – “Peklo Na Zemi” TAPE: $5.00

KORPBLOD (Swe) – “Hymner” TAPE: $7.00

KRISTALLNACHT (Fra) – “Warspirit” TAPE: $8.00 (Lower Silesian Stronghold reissue, 2016.)

LEGION (Den) – “Legion of Darkness” TAPE: $6.66 (Black/Death Metal. 2008 reissue of this bands only recorded material, a demo that was originally self released in 1994.)

LEGION OF DOOM (Gre) – “The Summoning Of Shadows” TAPE: $8.66

LEIBSTANDARTE (Fra) – “Ein Volk, Ein Reich…” TAPE: $8.00

LORD OF EVIL (Pol) – “Satan’s Soldier’s” TAPE: $10.00

MALÉFICE (Fra) – “Le Monastère Des Hommes En Noir” TAPE: $7.00

MALEDICERE (US) – “Black Prosperity And Hate” TAPE: $6.00

MANIAC BUTCHER (Cz) – “Černá Krev” TAPE: $8.00

MANIAC BUTCHER (Cz) – “Krvestřeb” TAPE: $8.00

MANIAC BUTCHER (Cz) – “Live In Annaberg” TAPE: $8.00

MERRIMACK (Fra) – “Ashes of Purification” TAPE: $5.00

MOHAREBEH (US) – “We Are At War!!!” TAPE: $8.66 (Anti-Islamic NS Black/Death. Killer debut album! Tape version coreleased by Doomsday Elite / Lower Silesian Stronghold.)

MOLOCH / DRAUGLUIN (Ukr/Gre) – “Under The Heathen Sun” TAPE: $6.00

MOLOTH (M8L8TH) (Rus) – “By The Wing Of Black” TAPE: $8.00

MOONTOWER (POL) – “Antichrist Supremacy Domain” TAPE: $7.00

MINENWERFER (US) – “Volkslieder” TAPE: $8.00

NA RASPUTJE (Rus) – “Где Землю Хранит Одеяло Снегов” TAPE: $6.00

NADIWRATH (Gre) – “Nihilistic Stench” TAPE: $6.00

NEBUL (US) – “The Fateful Wanderings” TAPE: $6.00 (Pagan Black Metal from a member of the Heathen Circle. Second demo from 2016.)

NECROFULGURATE (US) – “Putrid Veil” DOUBLE TAPE: $9.66 (Death Metal played in a necro old school style. B. Barbarity release.)

NECROSLEEZER (CAN) – “Pope Kill” TAPE: $7.00 (Obscure Ross Bay Cult history! Recorded in 1995, now officially released for the first time…)

NEKROKRIST SS (Fin) – “Hymns Of Despair And Death” TAPE: $8.88

NEKROKRIST SS (Fin) – “Nekrokrist SS” TAPE: $8.88

NEXWOMB (US) – “Militant Heretic Aggression” TAPE: $6.00

NOCTURNAL (Pol) – “Unholycraft – Blood For Glory Of Satan” TAPE: $6.66

NOKTURNAL WARFARE (US) – “Ezpanitl” TAPE: $5.00

NYOGTHAEBLISZ (US) – “Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation” TAPE: $8.00 (Long awaited full length from the Hell Paso death squad!)

OAK (Netherlands) – “Their Death…Our Freedom” TAPE: $7.00

OHTAR (Pol) – “The Empire of White Power” TAPE: $8.00 (Lower Silesian Stronghold reissue, 2017.)

OHTAR (Pol) – “When I Cut the Throat” TAPE: $8.00 (Lower Silesian Stronghold reissue, 2017.)

OLD SCYTHIA (Ukr) – “Blind War” TAPE: $7.00

ONE MASTER (US) – “Lycanthropic Burrowing” TAPE: $5.00


ORDER OF THE WHITE HAND (Fin) – “Korpimaa” TAPE: $8.00

OSCULUM INFAME (Fra) – “Dor-nu-Fauglith” TAPE: $10.00 (Classic & essential album finally gets a reissue on Impure Wedding Productions!)

PLANTATION (US) – “God’s Country” TAPE: $8.00 (Power Electronics Against Communism)

PLANTATION / FOUR ARMED DEATH WHEEL (US/Can) – split TAPE: $8.66 (Power Electronics Against Communism)

POWER FROM HELL (Bra) – “Devil’s Whorehouse” TAPE: $7.77

QRIXKUOR (AUS) – “Three Devils Dance” TAPE: $5.00

RAVEN DARK (Rus) – “Autumn Roar” TAPE: $7.00


REIDH (Fin) – “Children of Northern Sun” TAPE: $8.00

RUNDAGOR (Rus) – “The Beastrealm” TAPE: $9.00

SCHWARZMACHT (Ger) – “Stirb und Werde” TAPE: $8.00

SECT PIG – “Slave Destroyed” tape: $8.66

SEPULCHRAL CRIES (Denmark) – “Misery Exhibits” TAPE: $5.00

SIEG / NA RASPUTJE (Rus) – “Sonnenkreuz / Ledyanoe Plamya Gyperborei” TAPE: $6.00

SOMNOLENCE (US) – “As Midgard Weeps” TAPE: $7.00 (Black Metal/Ambient from an ex-member of XENOPHOBIA & VEIL.)

SUTEKH HEXEN (US) – “Behind The Throne” TAPE: $7.00


STERNATIS (Rus) – “Смерчем Воли Тараня” TAPE: $9.00

STURMGEWEHR (US) – “Aufhetzung des Hakenkreuz-Volkes” TAPE: $8.00 (Killer obscure Criminal Black Metal with razor sharp riffs)

STWORZ (Pol) – “Po Czasu Kres” TAPE: $5.00

TEMNOJAR (Rus) – “Kriegersweg” TAPE: $7.00

TERRIBEEN (Fra) – “Vestiges d’une Gloire Perdue” TAPE: $7.00

TEMNOZOR (Rus) – “Вольницей В Просинь Ночей = Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights” TAPE: $8.00

THE SHADOW ORDER (GRE) – “Untold” TAPE: $7.00 (Classic Hellenic NSBM album reissued on pro tape by Vanguard Productions / Self Sacrifice Distro.)

TODESWEIHE (Ger) – “Secrets from the Past” TAPE: $7.00

TODESZONE (Swiss) – “Night of the Sharpest Blades” TAPE: $8.00 (Darker Than Black release)

TOMHET (Can) – “Astral Isolation” TAPE: $5.00

TRIGGER (US) – “Trigger” TAPE: $7.00 (Power Electronics Against Communism)

THE WAMPYRIC SPECTER (Netherlands) – “A Dark Quest In The Name Of Death” TAPE: $7.77

USURPR (US) – “Era of Conquest” TAPE: $8.00 (Northern Blood Productions / Brotherhood of Light co-release.)

VENEDAE (Pol) – “Siedem Kamiennych Oblicz” TAPE: $6.00

VENEDAE / ARCHANDRJA (Pol) – “Miecze Rujewita Ponad Falami Bałtyku” TAPE: $6.00

VENEDAE / GROM (Pol/Rus) – “Pod Znakiem Ognia / Сын Старого Леса” TAPE: $6.00

VERMINE (Fra) – “Un Nouvel Ordre Noir – Ere De L’Intolérance” TAPE: $8.00 (Extremist Black Metal from the Flammes de France circle.)

VINTERNATT (Slovenia) – “In The Shades Of Oblivion” TAPE: $5.00

WARWULF (US) – “Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire” TAPE: $8.00

WITCHCRAFT (Fin) – “Nightmare Goetia” TAPE: $8.00 (Finnish Black/Death Necromancy)

WITCHMASTER (POL) – “Masochistic Devil Worship” TAPE: $6.66 (Black Speed Metal Madness. B. Barbarity release.)

WUDUWÉSTEN (US) – “The Bleak Forest of Sorrow” TAPE: $8.00 (Brotherhood of Light release.)

V/A – “The Day of the Rope VOL. I” TAPE: $8.00 (Classic NS compilation reissued on tape in 2016 by Lower Silesian Stronghold. Features bands like Honor, Swastyka, Wolf’s Moon, Infernal SS, and more…)

V/A – “Thinking, Feeling, Willing” TAPE: $6.00


12″ VINYL:

ABSURD (Ger) – “Totenlieder” 12″ LP: $30.00 (2020 reissue by Robber Baron Enterprises.)

BLUTKULT (Ger) – “Alte Werte – Neu Beseelt” 12″ LP: $30.00

BLUTKULT / MALÉFICE (Fra) – “Der Geist der Vergangenheit” 12″ LP: $30.00

DARK FURY (Pol) – “This Story Happened Before” 12″ LP: $20.00

DARK FURY (Pol) – “Vae Victis!” 12″ LP: $20.00

DARK FURY (Pol) – “W.A.R.” 12″ LP: $20.00

DER STÜRMER (Gre) – “Bloodsworn II” DOUBLE 12″ LP: $36.00 (The Second Decade of the Heathen Terror Machine… Compilation of splits and EPs from 2008-2018. Breath of Pestilence release.)

DER STÜRMER (Gre) – “Transcendental Racial Idealism” 12″ LP: $26.00 (Remastered 2019 reissue. Sound massively improved by some impressive remastering work. Breath of Pestilence release.)

ETERNAL STRIFE (US) – “Vinlandic Hate Brigade” 12″ LP: $20.00 (Remastered vinyl version of the NSBM/RAC demo. Features 2 exclusive bonus tracks. Released by Lower Silesian Stronghold.)


HOSTIUM (Can) – “The Bloodwine Of Satan” 12″ LP: $18.00 (Killer Black Metal from members of NORDWIND / ex-GODLESS NORTH)

MALÉFICE (Fra) – “Retour au Monastère” 12″ LP: $30.00

NYOGTHAEBLISZ (US) – “Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation” 12″ LP: $18.00 (Long awaited full length from the Hell Paso death squad! GREEN vinyl version.)

PANTHEON (US) – “Draugrs Daug” DOUBLE 12″ LP: $40.00

PLUNDER AND PILLAGE (US) – “Desolate” 12″ LP: $20.00 (Brilliant mix of RAC/Hatecore/Death Metal, featuring BIG ED from BOUND FOR GLORY)

SELBSTMORD (Pol) – “Dawn of a New Era” 12″ LP: $18.00

THOR’S HAMMER (Pol) – “The Fate Worse Than Death” 12″ LP: $20.00

WOODTEMPLE (Austria) – “Forgotten Pride” 12″ LP: $18.88


7″ / 10″ VINYL:

AIMA / SUPREMATIVE (GRE/SPA) – “Blood Chalices From The Impure” 7″ EP: $8.00

ALLERSEELEN (Austria) – “Anubis / Chairete Daimones” 7″ EP: $8.00 (New Era Productions)

EVIL (Bra) – “Rites Of Cleansing” 7″ EP: $8.00 (1 new song + a Mysteries cover. Darker Than Black / Hammer of Damnation / New Era Productions.)

DEATHROW (Ita) – “Like A Lion Devouring The Sun” 7″ EP: $8.00 (New Era Productions.)

KOMMANDANT / ANIMUS MORTIS (US/CHILE) – “All Paths To God / The Pilgrimage” 7″ EP: $8.00 (Split released by B. Barbarity.)

GRAFVOLLUTH / Slavecrushing Tyrant (US/Pol) – split 7″ EP: $7.00

NATION WAR / VIA DOLOROSA (Mex/Ita) – split 7″ EP: $8.00

NACHTKRIEGER / PANZERJAGER (Can/US) – split 7″ EP: $8.00 (1 exclusive song from each band! Nachtkrieger is a NSBM band from Quebec. Panzerjager is a project from the Brotherhood of Light circle.)

NECROHOLOCAUST / ZYGOATSIS (Can/Thai) – split 7″ EP: $6.66


NOKTURNE / MALÉFICE (US/FRA) – “Die Welt gehört uns!!!” 7″ EP: $8.00 (Released by Doomsday Elite in 2017.)

SACRIPHYX (AUS) – “Lone Pine” 7″ EP: $6.00

SACRIPHYX / STARGAZER (Aus) – split 7″ EP: $6.00

STRAIGHT ARM SALUTE / VERI & MAA – split 7″ EP: $8.00

SHEOL / FŌR (UK/Swe) – split 7″ EP: $6.00

THE WOLVES OF AVALON (UK) – “Die Hard” 7″ EP: $6.00

WAR 88 (Pol) – Total War 7″ EP: $10.00 (Rehearsal tracks from 1995/1997/1998 released on 7″ EP in 2019 by Act of Hate Records.)

WODULF (Gre) – “Zerezat” 7″ EP: $9.00 (3 song EP released in 2016 by Breath of Pestilence. Some of the strongest material from the mighty WODULF.)



OHTAR (Pol) – Emptiness TSHIRT (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL): $18.00 (JHK TSRA 190 – EUROPEAN SIZING!)


INTOLITARIAN (US) – Antifa Parasite TSHIRT (M, L, XL): $20.00


KVASIR’S BLOOD (US) – Triumph of the Will TSHIRT (DARK GREEN: M, L): $18.00 (Gildan Heavy Cotton)


ABSURD (Ger) – Der Sieg Ist Unser TSHIRT (S, L, XL): $20.00 (Gildan DryBlend)


PANTHEON (US) – Iotunkrieg TSHIRT (S, L, XL): $20.00 (Gildan Heavy Cotton)


VOTHANA (US) – “Không Bao Giờ Nộp / Never to Submit” TSHIRT (M only): $20.00 (B&C Exact 190 – EUROPEAN SIZING!)


WOLFNACHT (Gre) – Licht Des Sieges TSHIRT (BLACK: S, XXL / GREEN: S, M, XL, XXL, XXXL / NAVY BLUE: S, XL): $15.00 (Gildan Dry Blend / Gildan Ultra Cotton)

WODULF (Gre) – TSHIRT (S only): $15.00 (Gildan Dry Blend)


DER STÜRMER (Gre) – A Spartan Reborn TANK TOP (S, XXL): $15.00 (Gildan Ultra Cotton)


SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin) – Opferblut TSHIRT (M, L, XL): $16.00 (Fruit of the Loom – EUROPEAN SIZING!)

SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin) – Strength & Honour TSHIRT (M, L, XL): $16.00 (Fruit of the Loom – EUROPEAN SIZING!)

DARK FURY (POL) – Slayers of Muslims TSHIRT (M only): $18.00 (Fruit of the Loom – AMERICAN SIZE VARIANT!)

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MOHAREBEH (US) – Total Support TSHIRT (S, L, XXL): $18.00 (Gildan Ultra Cotton)


ELITISM (FRA) – Quand L’Étoile De David Brûlait TSHIRT (M, L):  $18.00 (Gildan Ultra Cotton)


TWO RUNES (FIN) – Herää Eurooppa! TANK TOP (M, L, XL): $18.00 (Gildan Heavy Cotton)


THE RAUNCHOUS BROTHERS (US) ‎– Hail Metal….Destroy Faggotry! TSHIRT (S only): $15.00 (Gildan Dry Blend)


ETERNAL STRIFE (US) – MLK TSHIRT (S, L, XL, XXL): $14.00 (Fruit of the Loom – AMERICAN size variant)

ES tshirt preview

NOKTURNE / MALÉFICE (US/FRA) – Die Welt gehört uns!!! TSHIRT (S, XL): $15.00 (Gildan Dry Blend)

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PLANTATION (US) – Heraldry of Nations TANK TOP (M, L, XL): $14.00 (Gildan Heavy Cotton)


B. BARBARITY “D.J.S.U.U.” TSHIRT (S, M, L, XL, XXL): $20.00 (Gildan Dry Blend)


NO LIVES MATTER TSHIRT (S, M, XXL): $18.00 (Gildan Dry Blend)


AIDS TSHIRT (S, M, L, XL): $12.00 (Gildan Dry Blend)


CORNELIU CODREANU tribute TSHIRT (S, M): $12.00 (Fruit of the Loom – AMERICAN size variant)


ENDSIEG (US) logo METAL PIN: $8.00






WODULF (Gre) – Wargus Esto PATCH: $6.66


ABSURD (Ger) Ulfhednir PATCH: $6.00





NOKTURNE (US) – Sigil Mord PATCH: $6.66


(US) – Totenkopf Banner PATCH: $6.66




DOOMSDAY ELITE logo patch: $6.00




ORDER OF THE WHITE HAND (Fin) – Odal Rune Division PATCH: $5.00


PSEUDOGOD (Rus) – Coffin sigil PATCH: $5.00